A personal umbrella policy provides extra liability insurance.

Is the liability insurance you have with your auto or home policy enough to cover all your assets? A severe car accident or mishap on your property could trigger a costly claim in excess of the liability insurance coverage you have on your auto or home. Often times, a personal umbrella policy can broaden your liability coverage above and beyond the primary auto & home policy at a more cost effective way.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance provides an additional layer of personal liability protection. A single policy covers all underlying policies you own (auto, home, motorcycle, boat, etc.) and kicks in if the liability limits on these policies are exhausted. And compared to the risk of a catastrophic event, Umbrella Insurance is affordable; you can have the peace of mind that comes with $1 million in coverage.

Who should consider Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is for everyone. Even if you don’t own a home or have a lot in the bank, if you are found liable for damages, your earnings, retirement savings, or college fund could be in jeopardy.

A costly accident could happen to anyone. For instance, a repairman slips on stairs while exiting your home, resulting in a jury award for injuries and lost wages in excess of your home insurance liability.

Personal umbrella protection adds and extends liability coverages and pays for damages and expenses for which you, or covered family members, may be liable due to auto accidents, home accidents, or recreational vehicle accidents.

With personal Umbrella Insurance, you receive:

• $1 million in coverage, with higher limits available.
• Additional liability coverage over the limits of your auto, home or recreational vehicle policy.
• Protection from liability claims not normally covered under your home policy, such as libel or slander.
• Payment of defense costs, attorney fees and other expenses associated with a lawsuit, even if the lawsuit is frivolous or groundless.
• Coverage for you and residents of your household insured under the policy.

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Pricing averages only $180 per year for households without youthful operators or major violations within the past 3 years. Call our office at 860-757-3664 to speak directly with an agent. We’re looking forward to meeting you!