Boat & Marine insurance is available for small pleasure boats, private or professional fishing vessels, high-performance& sport powerboats and pontoons. Boat & Marine insurance will cover intended use including personal recreation, commercial, or charter vessels.
In order to receive peace of mind on the open waters, you must have a comprehensive boat insurance policy that is customized to meet the exclusive needs of both you and your boat. Your insurance policy will be personalized depending on the navigational area in which you plan to boat, agreed value coverage, your liability risks, and the cost to repair or replace your boat.
Boat policies can cover damage to your boat, motor, trailer, and personal effects in the boat. Available coverage includes liability, pollution clean-up, towing, medical payments, injury to a water skier and damage to the boat itself, sometimes called hull coverage. Availability varies by state and by insurance company. Even though boat insurance premiums are low, shopping your rate can sometimes save a substantial amount.

Duarte Insurance Agency offers free, comparative quotes on boat insurance from multiple insurance carriers so you can get the best possible rate.

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